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Songs from the edge-vol 82

This week on... SONGS FROM THE EDGE VOL (7pm AEST-UTC +10). Daily ARTIST TRACK @charliedemedici- wreath rolls @jakedavey- Made @robhirstandjim moginieand hamishstuart- Red continent @anoushavictoire- Phoenix rising @sundaylemonade- I know it sounds simple @mildlife- Return to Centaurus @watling&bates- Black ducks @charliedemedici- 6 martinis down @geoffsturre- Jackie @dinleyjones- Get down , right now @mapleglider- Two years @thebeatnikpreachers- Insane in the Ukraine @leni- chasing stars @hypnicjerks- Take a breath @packwood- Haunted house @stuwatts- Divulgence @tylercooney- Thunderclap headache @jomeares- An old dog and a shotgun @robhirstandjim moginieand hamishstuart- The strongest memory @slimjimz- Enjoy the view @accidentalpresident- Bang bang @leni- What’s on your mind @mattjoegow- Between tonight and tomorrow-remix @strawpeople- Baby it’s you @jonkane- Aftermath

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